You never know where life will lead you. Last summer I was approached by a woman in a class at the Handweavers Guild of America conference in Rhode Island. She saw a postcard of one of my tapestries I had on the table in front of me.  From that postcard I not only sold her a tapestry she saw on my website but I had my first commission. It took me weeks of experimentation, trial and error to come up with a design I was satisfied with, actually, more than satisfied.

Here are three images of  the weaving so far.  The tapestry is of my client’s grand daughter. Within the tapestry I have represented five generations of women through image, word, pattern and weaving technique.  The figure is woven in mercerized cotton and the rest of the tapestry is wool with a seine twine warp at 8 ends per inch (epi). I am thoroughly enjoying the weaving.  Working with all this color is so much fun and watching the images grow is exciting. The gray triangular area is a bit washed out in the photo but it looks good in the flesh. The girl was standing on a porch leaning against a post.