Workshop Schedule for 2019

Tapestry Workshops for 2019  January 18-20 Tapestry Weaving: Beginning and Beyond FULL     This is a technique based class which is helpful to beginners and people who have been weaving a while.  Halcyon Yarn, Bath, Maine, USA Mini Corset, Pulled Warp Tapestry Workshop at … Read more

Take A Line For A Walk

September Workshop at Halcyon Yarn In this two day workshop students explored weaving a line and keeping the thickness consistent.  Harder than it sounds. We covered many techniques like stealing, sewing slits, smooth curves, and controlling the surface to name but a few.

Tapestry Workshop at Halcyon Yarn

The three day workshop at Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine was a great success! I’m so pleased with the work of my students. Everyone worked at their own pace. Some were able to do more advanced lessons depending on skill level and interest.     … Read more