Creating a custom label

This is the product I used to print my labels. I understand there are other products out there that you can buy, but this is what I have found.  You get 10 sheets and it’s lasted me quite a while. I really like that I can print my own fabric labels and sew them by hand or by machine onto the back of a tapestry or a tapestry mount. I found this at Joann Etc.

The fabric is attached to a piece of paper with adhesive to hold it in place. I have reused the paper backing a couple of times with my own fabric with success. I have also printed one or two labels and carefully peeled back the fabric to cut off only what I printed so I could use the reminder of the fabric still adhered to the paper.

The label stitched in eight places on the back of Never More. The signature is done with a sharpie after being printed. 

Custom printed label