New Studio

When my husband and I were building our new house I went shopping for old house parts. One of my finds were the doors I used for my yarn cabinet above. They came from the Salvation Army, removed during a  renovation. The frames are mahogany and the glass is old with ripples. The doors slide past each other in pairs as they hang from tracks.They are perfect for keeping my curious cat, dust and moths out and allow me to see all my yarn! It is the center piece of my studio and a pleasure to look at, not to mention a great way to store my yarn put of direct sun.

These are images of my studio. I moved in some time in December 2013 and started actually working a few months later.  I have beautiful views of the New Meadows River, woods our court yard and garden. When the weather finally warms up I can work on the porch and enjoy the breeze from the river.  There’s plenty of light with windows facing all points of the compass. The studio is on the second floor of our new home.  Accessed from the upstairs landing plus a spiral stair which comes up from a small gallery/entrance off the courtyard. This is a wonderful place to work. Some days I find it difficult to leave.