Photoshop Tutorial

Live Photoshop Tutorial Are you thinking about getting Photoshop (PS) or one of the similar applications, but are not sure you can handle it? Or perhaps you have one of these applications, but feel unsure or overwhelmed? I am offering a live PhotoShop tutorial via … Read more

Winding a Bobbin

Winding a bobbin is a simple act, but there are some things to know. You want to wind the weft tightly and uniformly. I begin by holding the bobbin in my dominant hand with the tip pointing toward me. I take the weft yarn and … Read more

Storing Work

I store and ship my tapestries in simple, unbleached muslin bags I make myself. Here are two examples. One has a printed label and draw strings. The other is labeled with a Sharpie. Both have the name of the tapestry and my name. The printed … Read more


Creating a custom label This is the product I used to print my labels. I understand there are other products out there that you can buy, but this is what I have found.  You get 10 sheets and it’s lasted me quite a while. I … Read more

Mounting Large Work

This is a quick photo tutorial on how I hung my large tapestry Never More. What I have done will work on most large tapestries that hang without a frame. I did some research into how different people do this because I have had some … Read more

Tyeing Leashes

Leashes are a very useful tool in weaving. Instead of picking each individual warp in a closed shed leashes allow the weaver to speed up the process by grabbing a group of warps. This video shows how I tie leashes onto a bar suspended from my … Read more

Using Leashes

Leashes speed up the weaving process. This video shows how I use leashes to weave. There is another video that shows how I make the leashes.