New Loom, at least new to me

I recently purchased an old six foot Shannock loom so I can weave large vessels and who knows what else. This loom is the Cadillac of looms. It has excellent tension and three sets of treadles, though I added a fourth set so my partees (weaving sections) are smaller. This makes it easier to open the shed. My plan is to weave my vessels on this loom which will allow me to weave a six foot high vessel.

My Maine Coon Kitten Horatio approves of the tool tray and finds the warps a great place to rub his face. I guess he is leaving his scent for future generations to find.

The weaving begins! Unfortunately, Right after I set up the loom I had hand surgery so I had to wait over a month to correct my warping mistakes and weave. More to come.