Spacing Warps

Once the warp is on the loom you have to bring the warps together and space the warps to weave. Using the same warp I wound on the loom I tie a length  onto one upright post of the loom close to the bottom bar. The length of this warp is 3 times the width of the warp plus enough warp to wrap around the vertical warp frame about ten times. I weave through the warps bringing the back warps forward. Be careful to not cross warps in this process. When I reach the opposite side I wind twice around the opposite post pulling tight before tying two half hitches around all the warp wrapped around the upright I just wound. I repeat this two more times so there are  three half passes* across the warp from post to post.  This brings the warps into one plane for weaving. Then I weave a few passes with the same warp to begin setting the spacing. In the video I am moving the warps sideways to create the proper sett or spacing which in this case is 8 ends per inch (epi). I then wove a few more passes. This weaving is temporary and will be removed after the tapestry is removed from the loom.

*A half pass is once across the warp. A full pass is across and back.