Over Under and Through The Warp

TWiNE, Tapestry Weavers in New England Presents Over Under and Through The Warp an exhibition of contemporary tapestry at  The Barnes  Gallery in Everette MA. from April 1-30 with an opening reception Sunday, April 2, 2-4pm. leverettecraftsandarts.org I have five tapestries in this exhibit. Two corsets, … Read more



  Exstinction: Save The Planet My tapestry Evostinction is in  a group exhibition of 307 works of art by 299 artists. 31 December 2021 – 10 February 2022 You can see it at www.Gallerium.art/extinction-2021      

Fuller Craft Biennial Exhibition


My work “Temptation” has been accepted for their 2022 Craft Biennial Exhibition. My tapestry “Temptation” explores the complexity of sexual identity and gender. It was inspired by drag performances. I was permitted to photograph performers while doing hair and makeup. One performer, Chocoláte, granted me … Read more