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Figure Study 1
5.5 x 9.5 woven 16.5 x 20.5 framed linen and cotton 16 epi

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Burns Studio Facebook Page 

Barbara’s Instagram Page

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Barbara’s Marketing Blog

Zone One Arts. Artist Interviews 

Artsy Shark Featured Artist

Shaped and Pulled Warp Facebook Group

Steve Burns Jewelry & Sculpture


Artist Pages


Pricilla Alden

Jan Austin

Archie Brennan

Elizabeth Chester

Dorothy Clews

Murray Gibson

Barbara Heller

Rachel Hine

Susan Iverson

Anne Jackson

Robbie Lefluer

Lindsey Marshall 

Susan Martin Maffei

Tea Okropiridze

Pamela Palma

Tapestry Fréo Ellenlic: Brave and Valiant Woman 43 x 28.5 inches
Fréo Ellenlic: Brave and Valiant Woman
43 x 28.5 inches

Tommye Scanlin

Kathy Spoering

Margaret Sunday  

 Julie Taylor

Sue Weil

Pat Williams

Tapestry Groups & Organizations

American Tapestry Alliance

British Tapestry Group

Canadian Tapestry Network

Central Coast Weavers Tapestry Group (coastal California)

Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild Tapestry Study Group

European Tapestry Forum

Foundation Toms Pauli

Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies

Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild

San Diego Creative Weavers Guild Tapestry Interest Group

San Francisco Loominaries

Seaside Weavers

Spanish Peaks Tapestry Weavers

Studies in Western Tapestry

Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound

Tapestry Weavers in New England- TWiNE

Tapestry Weavers of Vancouver – TAPIS

Tapestry Weavers South 

Tapestry Weavers West

The Eccentrics of the Santa Cruz Textile Art Guild

Tuscon Handweavers and Spinners Guild Tapestry Study Group

Weavers Guild of Rochester Tapestry Study Group

Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore Tapestry Study Group

Tapestry Studios

Atiliers Tournaisiens de Tapisserie, Tournai, Belgium

Ateliery tapiserii, Weaving , restoration and cleaning,  Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic

Atilier 61 Novi Sad, Serbia

Australian Tapestry Workshop, South Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Dovecot Studio, Edinburgh, Scotland

Moravské Gobelínové Manufaktuře (MGM), Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic

Tapestry House, Weaving Crafts Center and Tapestry Museum, Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic,

The Taller Mexicano de Gobelinos, Guadalajara, Mexico

West Dean Tapestry Studio, Chichester, Sussex, England

Wissa Wassef Art Center Cairo, Egypt

Useful links/How-To’s of Tapestry

34 x 15.25 inches
wool weft, seine twine warp
Price upon request

Blocking a wool tapestry Kathy Spoering

Velcro Support System for Textiles – Canadian Conservation 

Materials and Equipment

Halcyon Yarn – warp, weft, looms, books, dyes  and classes

Weavers Bazaar– warp and weft yarn 

Norsk Fjord Fiber –  warp and weft yarn 

Archie Brennan Tapestry Instruction Video, 16 hours of instruction with Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei

Susan Martin Maffei – Educational resources including how to make an Archie style copper loom.

Earth Guild – Looms, yarns, tools and much more.

Between & Etc. Books, yarns and tools

Glimakra USA – Looms, yarns

Harrisville Designs – Yarns, looms and workshops

Lone Star Loom Room –  Swedish yarns, Bockens, seine twine in colors

Taos Wools Wool warp and weft yarns

Australian Tapestry Workshop Yarns, weaving supplies, greeting cards and tapestries.

Books, Magazines & Catalogues

Tapestry Instruction

Many are out of print but can be found in public libraries or for sale online.

Beutlich, Tadek                 The Technique of Woven Tapestry

Brennan, Archie                Woven Tapestry Techniques, **

Julien Coffinet Pratique de la Tapisserie Julien Coffinet, This is in French. It has excellent photos showing how to use a bobbin and leashes.

Collingwood, Peter           The Techniques of Rugweaving

Galice, Roland                   La Technique de A ā… de la Tapisserie***

Glasbrook, Kirsten           Tapestry Weaving*

Harvey, Nancy                   Tapestry Weaving, A Comprehensive Study Guide

Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux 23.5 x 39.5 inches

Keasbey, Doramay           Sheer Delight, Handwoven Transparencies

Koppen, Maria Brekke    Norwegian Tapestry Weaving

Lurcat, Jean                       Designing Tapestry

Merrill, Susan Barrett      Zati, The Art of Weaving A Life (shaped and pulled warp weaving).

Mezoff, Rebecca              The Art of Tapestry Weaving*

Pearson, Alec                     The Complete Book of Tapestry Weaving

Regensteiner, Else           The Art of Weaving

ssing, Mette Lise        The Threads Course in Tapestry*

Russell, Carol                     The Tapestry Handbook second edition

Todd-Hooker, Kathe        Tapestry 101, Shaped Tapestry, So Warped and Line in Tapestry*

Wilson, Jean                      Soumak Workbook

*My personal favorites.

**This is an excellent video Archie made with Susan Martin Maffei. I highly recommend it.

***Hard to find. I bought my copy directly from Roland Galice.

Canadian Tapestry 

Canadian tapestries, 1977: An exhibition of 23 tapestries designed by Canadian painters and sculptors

Weaving Between The Lines,Canada Council for the Arts

Art Textiles of the World Canada 2009, Matthew Koumis Editor

Three Canadian Fibre Artists: Gregor, Rousseau-Vermette & Staniszkis, Kenneth Saltmarche

Scandinavian Tapestry

Dansk Gobelin Kunst Danish Tapestry 1998 – Danish Museum of Decorative Art

Dansk Gobelinkunst Danish Tapestry 2009 – Musett

Tapestries for the Queen of Denmark: Bjørn Nørgaard’s history of Denmark at Christiansborg Palace woven at Manufactures nationales des Gobelins et de Beauvais- Handbook, Peter Michael Hornung

Vav Vavmagasinet- Scandinavian Weaving Magazine Issue NR3 2016 – Nine articles on tapestry. (Not limited to Scandinavian tapestry, English Edition)

Flat Weaves from Fjord and Forest – David Black

Norwegian Tapestries – Aase Bay Sjovold

Monographs/Solo Exhibits

Jaques Brachet mémoires océanes, oeuvre tissé 1953-1995, Musée jean Lurcat

Ingrid:Belly Dancer In Repose

Sara Brennan Tapestry Mary Giles Sculpture, Brown Grotta No 23

Alefbet Tapestry Project Grisha Brushkin, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Marc Chagall Tapestries, Jacob Baal-Teshuva

Judy Chicago Tapestries Woven By Audrey Cowan, Museum of Arts and Design, NY

Lia Cook, portfolio Collection, Telos

Tapisseries de Sonia Delaunay, Musé2 D’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Barbara Eckart: Poetic Space, exhibition curated by Nancy A. Corwin

Lilly Edwards, Portfolio Series, Telos

Max Ernst, Woven by Yvette Cauquil Prince, Milwaukee Art Center February- March 1978

Weaving A Chronicle, Judith Poson Fawkes

Lisse Funk A Retrospective, The Art Institute of Chicago, embroidery

Grau-Garriga, Arnau Puig

Grommaire, oeuvre tissé, aubusson 95

Homage To Marcel Gromaire 1892-1971, R S Johnson International Spring 1977

Frida Hansen – Art Nouveau In Full Bloom, Text: Inger M. Lund Gudmundson, curator for Stavanger Art Museum

Barbara Heller Cover Ups & Revelations

Barbara Heller, Falling From Grace

Silvia Heyden, The Making of Modern Tapestry, My Journey of Discovery

Helena Hernmarck, Weaving In Progress, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Oct14, 2018 – Jan. 19, 2019

Helena Hernmarck, Tapestry Artist, Monica Bowman

Peter Horn, Weltbilder Bildwelten, Bildwebereien Tapestries, Media Lab

Diane Itter: A Retrospective, American Craft Museum, Ursla Ilse-Neuman curator

Useless Dreams: Susan Iverson Tapestries, jan 19 – March 12, 2006, Southwest School of Art & Craft San Antonio, Texas

Anne Jackson, Witch Hexe Sorcière, Works from the Witchcraft Series, 2017

Aino Kajaniemi Portfolio Collection, Vol 39 Telos

William Kentridge Tapestries, Edited by Carlos Basualdo, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jane Kidd: Curious, Sept. 30, 2017 to Jan. 14, 2018, Kelowna Art Gallery

Jane Kidd’s Handwork Series: Disciplinary and the Reparative Impulse, Amy Gogarty, Stride Gallery 2003

Jane Kidd, Journey: Ten Years, Illington Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art

Valerie Kirk, Portfolio Collection, Vol 25, Telos

Joanne Koehler, Woven Color: The Tapestry Art of james Koehler, Jame sKoehler and Carole Green

Christine Laffer: Tapestry and Transformation, Carole Green

Narratives: Tapestries designed and woven by Susan Martin Maffei, Limited edition handmade art book.

Maximo Laura

Kay Lawrence, Portfolio Collection, Telos

Sue Lawty: Rock – Raphia- Linen- Lead, Forward by June Hill

Ellen Lenvik: -en europeere med nordnorsk aksent by Randi Nygaard Lium & Maureen Hodge

Hillu Liebelt: Tapestries and Textile Objects, Still Moments

Jean Lurçat (1892-1966) Au Suel Bruit du Soliel L’album de l’exposition

Jean Lurçat Le Chant du Monde, Gérard Denizeau Hommage à Jean Lurçat: A Collection of Contemporary French Tapestries presented by the Peter Stuyvesant Trust of Australia

Les Tapisseries de le Corbusier, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Genève

Marcel Marois: Les fils du temps, Mona Hakim commissaire

Marcel Marois, Expression centre d’exposition de Saint-Hyacinthe

Millecamps Tapisseries 1956-1975, Gerard Denizeau

Ragnhild Monsen, Bergen Kunstforening Festspillutstillingen 1997

Henry Moore Tapestries, Ann Garrluld and Valerie Power

Nezhnie: weaver & Innovative Artist, Linda Rees

Elisabet Hasselberg Olssen, Beate Sydhoff

Picasso tapestries from the Collection of Nelson A. Rockefeller

Les Saisons de Dom Robert Tapisseries

Walther Roggenkamp: Bildteppiche Wandlung Sieghafter Geist et Incarnatus est, Verlag Urachhaus Stuttgart

Hannah Reigen, Else Christie. Keilland

Hannah Ryggen: Threads of Defiance, Marit Paasche

Sommville: Tapisseries 1945-1999, Avant-Propos, de Jacqueline Guisset

The Tapestries of Hannah Ryggen, Tore Gjelsvik, Magni Moksnes Gjelsvik

The Nature of Things: Essays of a Tapestry Weaver, Tommye McClure Scanlin

Michel Tourliere: tapisseries dessins 1945-1992, Aubusson 17 avril- 27 juin 1993

Intimate Earth: The Art of Louise Wheatley, edited by James Archer Abbott, Evergreen Museum & Library, 2011-2012

Tapestry Principles

L’Art de la Tapisserie, Julien Coffinet

Les Cartons de Tapisserie d’Aubusson, Chantal Chirac

Tapestry in the Baroque: New Aspects of Production and Patronage, (Metropolitan Museum of Art) by Thomas P. Campbell

Raphael: Cartoons and Tapestries for the Sistine Chapel, Clare Browne & Mark Evans

nventaire général des monuments et des richesses artistiques de la France, Principes d’analyse scientifique Tapisserie, Méthode et vocabula, Collectif

Anatomy of a Tapestry: Techniques, Materials, Care,  Jean Pierre Larochette, Yadin Larochette

The Art Is The Cloth: How to Look at and Understand Tapestries,  Micala Sidore

Conservation Research: Studies of Fifteenth- to Nineteenth-Century Tapestry, Lotus Stack

United Kingdom

Master Weavers: Tapestry from the Dovecot Studios, 1912-1980

The Art of Modern Tapestry: Dovecot Studios since 1912, Ms Elizabeth Cumming

Woven Image: Contemporary British Tapestry, Ann Jones

The Great Tapestry of Scotland: The Making of a Masterpiece, Susan Mansfield & Alistair Moffat (This is about an embroidery project depicting the history of Scotland)

Medieval Life and Leisure in the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries,  Linda Woolley

Heallreaf I, Curated by Anne Jackson 2015

Heallreaf II, curated by Margaret Jones

Heallreaf III, curated by  Margaret Jones, Cos Ahmet, Susan Sherrit & Barbara Burns

Interconnections: Contemporary Tapestry 2020, Ireland & Scotland

Contemporary British Tapestry , Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts, forward by Alan Borg

Prima materia Painting, Sculpture , Tapestry, West Dean College Post Graduate exhibit 2005

Tapestry 08, British Tapestry Group 2008

Sound And Weave British Tapestry Group Exhibit 2018

United States

The New American Tapestry, Ruth Kaufmann

FABRICation curated by Erin Castellan & Kristy Deetz 2014

By Hand in the Electronic Age: Contemporary Tapestry, The Textile Museum, DC, consulting curator Rebecca Stevens 2004

The New American Tapestry, Ruth Kaufmann, NY State Museum, Trenton, 1985

From American Looms Scheuer Tapestry Studio

American Tapestry Weaving Since the 1930s and its European Roots, University of Maryland Art Gallery, curated by Courtney Ann Shaw, 1989

American Tapestries, Into by Mildred & critical notes by Irma B. Jaffe Constantine

The Art Is The Cloth: A Series of Reflections, curated by Micala Sidore, 2014

Gender Bend Women in Wood Men at the Loom, Fuller Craft Museum, curated by John Eric Riis & Tib Shaw 2017-18


Fiber Art Now  A quarterly print and digital magazine for the contemporary fiber art community. 

Tapestry Topics, quarterly newsletter of the American Tapestry Alliance.

CODA Tapestry Art Today is a digest of the American Tapestry Alliance’s newsletter. CODA features contemporary tapestry artists around the world, with images and articles presenting a broad spectrum of perspectives on the art as it is celebrated today.

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