This tapestry was a commission. It represents five generations beginning with the image of the child. I used words, images and weaving techniques to represent the other four women of the family. In the design the client’s daughter is represented by a blue bird in flight. The idea came from a very touching poem her daughter had written about a song bird. the client, who is also a weaver, is represented by an irregular twill pattern in the background and the words “Raised By Women Who Are Stronger Than You Know.” Those words come from a song she sent to me, “Family Hands’” by Mary Chapin Carpenter.  Sophie stands on top of these words. Sophie’s great and great, great grandmothers were both sewers. In the tapestry they are portrayed by long floats of yarn going up the warp describing the wood grain of the post Sophie leans on. I also used long floats of yarn in the child’s hair. I was able to create this effect by using the coptic technique of a flying shuttle. All of this imagery is contained within a narrow woven border that creates the effect of a frame. I then mounted the tapestry on a stretcher covered in fabric that is slightly smaller than the tapestry so the fabric is not visible.

41.75 x 18.75 inches

wool, mercerized cotton weft and seine twine warp