Ingrid: Dancer In Repose

Burlesque is an exciting and expanding dance medium. As a burlesque and belly dancer I think about the boundaries I am willing to cross. Particularly, what I, as a dancer am willing to expose. Most of the the tapestries in my Burlesque series are based upon photographs I have taken backstage at different Burlesque shows as we, the dancers prepare for a performance. 


Ingrid is a belly dancer I photographed backstage during a performance. I was moved by her inner strength and beauty. I’m pleased with the patterns of her hair and jewelry against the simplicity of the face, body and background. Using Photoshop filters, I reworked the image and colors pushing until the background and for-ground began to merge. I see this as a metaphor as well as an interesting design technique.


This is a wool weft and seine twine warp, woven at 6 ends per inch.  The coarse weave and subtle, multi-shades of blue-green yarn in the background add to the texture of the work.

40 x 26 inches

Price upon request