Cowgirl II

Burlesque is an exciting and expanding dance medium. As a burlesque and belly dancer I think about the boundaries I am willing to cross. Particularly, what I, as a dancer am willing to expose. Most of the the tapestries in my Burlesque series are based upon photographs I have taken backstage at different Burlesque shows as we, the dancers prepare for a performance. 

This self portrait began as a photograph taken of me at a performance. The original photo was unusable but I liked the image. I recreated the photo in my studio where I was able to control the light. I pushed the colors and contrast to achieve the final design. The tapestry is woven at 6 ends per inch which allows for a nice, fat “bead” of yarn as it passes over the warp, mimicking pixels. I suppose the tapestry “bead” is the original pixel.

Wool weft, seine twine warp. Woven at 6 ends to the inch

40.25 x 14.75 inches

Price upon request