Corset I

I have an interest in historic fashion.  Corsets, their construction and ability to distort the body, are of particular interest to me.  To weave this tiny tapestry corset I printed a pattern from a book.  Then with tape and scissors worked out how to lay it out along the warp so it could be woven as one unit.  I had to create scaffolding to support unwoven areas of warp that when the tapestry was removed from the loom, would be pulled to bring the woven areas together.  The lines over the hips are woven in flying shuttle, a coptic weaving technique.  A great deal of planning went into this tiny piece.  It is supported by a piece of thermoplastic which I heat molded to the shape of the corset to use as an armature.  The piece is mounted in a deep shadow box lined in silk.

Seine twine warp, mercerized cotton weft, metal chain, thermoplastic support, silk, shadow box

6.25  x 2.75  x 1 inch

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Altered Ego Detail
Altered Ego Detail