Smooth Lines

This is a simple technique for weaving a smooth line as opposed to a wavy line on the horizontal. You can use it on a smooth, gentle curve too. In the center of the photo below you see that I have placed a single weft … Read more


The loom in  this video is almost 9 feet tall (including the longest legs), with a weaving length almost 6′. The completed tapestry measured 44″ with hems. The extra unwoven warp space is needed for the shed with the leashes (see Tying Leashes).  I began weaving … Read more

Spacing Warps

Once the warp is on the loom you have to bring the warps together and space the warps to weave. Using the same warp I wound on the loom I tie a length  onto one upright post of the loom close to the bottom bar. … Read more