Winding a Bobbin

Winding a bobbin is a simple act, but there are some things to know. You want to wind the weft tightly and uniformly. I begin by holding the bobbin in my dominant hand with the tip pointing toward me. I take the weft yarn and … Read more

Storing Work

I store and ship my tapestries in simple, unbleached muslin bags I make myself. Here are two examples. One has a printed label and draw strings. The other is labeled with a Sharpie. Both have the name of the tapestry and my name. The printed … Read more


Creating a custom label This is the product I used to print my labels. I understand there are other products out there that you can buy, but this is what I have found.  You get 10 sheets and it’s lasted me quite a while. I … Read more

Mounting Large Work

This is a quick photo tutorial on how I hung my large tapestry Never More. What I have done will work on most large tapestries that hang without a frame. I did some research into how different people do this because I have had some … Read more

Tyeing Leashes

Leashes are a very useful tool in weaving. Instead of picking each individual warp in a closed shed leashes allow the weaver to speed up the process by grabbing a group of warps. This video shows how I tie leashes onto a bar suspended from my … Read more

Using Leashes

Leashes speed up the weaving process. This video shows how I use leashes to weave. There is another video that shows how I make the leashes.

Sewing Slits

In this video you will see how I sew vertical slits in a tapestry. There are some places you may wish to pause and repeat. There are captions to help you too.