Artist Statement/Bio

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The medium of tapestry weaving allows me to create images and cloth at the same time. The tactile experience of working with fiber, along with the depth of color and richness of the woven surface excites and drives me. I find the process of creating cloth and image satisfying as it ties me to my past and my Grandmother who taught me to sew at an early age. She instilled in me, a love of creating with my hands and an appreciation for good cloth.

My work has evolved from mostly faces to figures and parts of figures.  Lately, I have been working using photographs I have taken. Once I have created a composition that works for me I begin choosing colors, an important element to my work and my favorite part of the design process. Next, I choose the size by projecting the finalized image on a wall, moving the projector back and forth. 

Right now, I am enjoying working larger than life. I appreciate the impact the more imposing size has.  Sometimes I will weave a design twice, once larger, once smaller to explore the possibilities of scale. There is something to be said about smaller more intimate pieces that draw an individual in to see the detail, as opposed to the impact of the large, two very different experiences. In the end my goal is to leave the viewer with a question.

Artist Bio

I began weaving in 1994. In 2003 I my first tapestry workshops including study with Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie. In 2005 I studied tapestry with Pat Taylor at West Dean College in England for an intensive six week program and have had the good fortune to have studied under the tutelage of Archie Brennan and Susan Martin-Maffei for 11 years beginning in 2003.

My work has exhibited extensively the US as well as in England, Serbia, Chech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Australia to name a few. My work has received awards including, most recently: Best of Show at Heallreaf 2 in the UK, Best Traditional Tapestry awarded by The Institution for Tapestry Making, Atelier 61, Novi Sad Serbia.

I studied costume and textile conservation in The Fashion Institute of Technology Graduate Program in New York and  attended the New York School for Interior Design. As the head of the Costume and Textile Department at the Pascack Historical Museum in New Jersey for 6 years, I was able to indulge in my other passions: historic costume and textiles.

I live in Maine where I can be found in my studio when not sailing, gardening or dancing.